ISO 14001 (Environmental)

What it is?

ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for controlling and improving environmental performance throughout a business. It also requires an organisation to identify, and demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation, as well as setting environmental objectives to continually improve performance. With ever increasing pressure on organisations to prove their environmental credentials, holding ISO 14001 certification can demonstrate compliance and environmental commitment.

An environmental management system can provide savings through energy reductions, reducing the chance of fines through potential non-compliance with legislation. Through the identification of environmental aspects and their actual or potential impact, ISO 14001 considers areas such as waste streams, chemical storage, air emissions and energy usage. The standard recognises the concerns between maintaining profitability and managing environmental impacts, therefore, it does not specify any requirements to implement costly environmental improvements.

ISO 14001 was originally published in 1996, with the latest version recently published (ISO 14001:2015). Environmental legislation is typically enforced by Local Authorities and the Environment Agency.


Potential Benefits

  • Increased chances of successful PQQ, tenders and bids
  • Cost savings through reductions in energy usage and natural resources (electricity, gas and fuel)
  • Calculate your Co2 emissions through carbon foot-printing (direct & indirect emissions)
  • Reduce resource wastage
  • Identification of significant impacts
  • Increased environmental awareness and staff morale
  • Reduced possibilities of fines due to non-compliance with legislation
  • Achieve savings through structured and efficient work (process improvements)
  • Demonstrate your sustainability & environmental commitment
  • Improved business reputation & corporate image
  • Marketing tool (eligibility to display logo on business stationary)

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